Blessing of the Animals


At Kensington Congregational Church

Kensington Congregational Church to Host Blessing of the Animals: Sunday, October 17th

Kensington, NH (October 17th, 2021):  Welcoming the flock will take on new meaning at Kensington Congregational Church for one day in mid-October when furry, winged and hoofed creatures are invited to come receive a blessing.

The Blessing of the Animals will take place in the parking lot across Osgood Street from the church, which is located at 108 Amesbury Road (corner of Osgood and Amesbury). The brief service will begin at 9:00 AM and end at approximately 9:15.

During the program, dogs, cats and other animals will be honored as beloved members of God’s Creation. Each will receive a blessing (and maybe a treat, with owners’ permission) from Interim Minister Jeff MacDonald. 

Local Jersey cows have mooed their approval for this event in years past. A young calf on a nearby farm is reportedly looking forward to taking part this year.

To keep things orderly, all animals must be under their owners’ control at all times – i.e., either on a leash or in a closed crate. Pets displaying exceptional vocal talents could be recruited for the KCC choir.

A Blessing of the Animals is a traditional event associated with St. Francis, a 13th century monk known for witnessing to God’s love for all people and species. The Feast of Saint Francis is marked on Oct. 4.