Contemporary & Abstract Art Exhibition A Virtual and In Person Exhibit


At The Art Center of Dover

Contemporary & Abstract Art Exhibition

A Virtual and In Person Exhibit


The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire is excited to be hosting its first virtual and in person exhibit of Contemporary and Abstract Art. Curator Rebecca Proctor is making a national name for The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire and artists from all over the country have asked to participate in this show. The result is a creative mix of seacoast favorites and artists we have never seen in the new england area before. 

The Contemporary & Abstract Art Exhibition is always one of The Art Center's most theatrical shows of the season and this summer's show lives up to those high standards. The works are dazzling, frankly. If you are looking for audacious colors and images they are in this show with the works of Deborah Janelle, Prospero Eaton, Brian Wagoner, Beth Wittenberg and Alicia Ines Ethridge. At the other end of the spectrum are soothing works of ink dripping through water by Rodee Hansen. Rebecca Cote's lovely Acrylic paintings in pastel colors, seacoast favorite Tim Gilbert's classic contemporary oils and fascinating mix-media work by Justice McDaniel and Angelique Luro. If you need affordable and want intriguing, take a look at J.F Maxwell's ink on paper pieces.  If large and impressive is more your style, Amy Kelly's digital media piece "Always There" may be just what you are looking for. 

Take advantage of The Art Center's virtual exhibit online. Here you can visit virtual rooms to see how the show is essentially set up at The Art Center Gallery and by clicking on each picture you can get the name of the work, artist, price, size and the ability to purchase the work right from the website. Be prepared though, because once you get into the show it's hard to break away from it! And here's a tip: click on a piece and then just hit the forward arrow.  You'll be able to go from one artwork to another without having to go back to the rooms.  Once you click through all the rooms you can make an appointment to see the show in person. 6 people at a time, masks required. The exhibit runs through the end of August.

The Art Center is located at 1 Washington Street, Suite 1177 in Dover, NH. For more information visit The online gallery at or contact The Art Center directly at (603) 978-6702 or You can also follow The Art Center on twitter, instagram and facebook.