Mixed Media Exhibition


At The Art Center of Dover

Mixed Media Exhibition

September 1 - October 31, 2020

A Virtual and In-Person Exhibit


The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire, is pleased to host a virtual and in-person exhibit of Mixed Media Art. Curator Rebecca Proctor is making a national name for The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire. She is excited and honored to represent 25 talented artists and their striking, eye-catching creations.


The Mixed Media Art Exhibition is a spectacular one. The objet d'art in this exhibit demonstrates a plethora of colors, textures, and layers. Each piece brings the viewer to a specific place through structural representations, organic, and nature. Some pieces are static, while others swirl you through a movement of bright, deep, or muted colors. Love nature? Check out "Bluebirds," an original artwork created by Suzanne Aulds that combines quilt fabric with oil on canvas. Do you need a splash of color in your space? Then, look at artist Alisa Marie, who combines melted crayons, acrylic paint, and glass facets to dazzle the onlooker.


Take advantage of The Art Center's virtual exhibit online



Here, you can visit virtual rooms to preview the show at The Art Center Gallery. Click on the forward arrow to view each gallery room display. Click each piece of art, and you will be able to view the artist, title of the work, price, size, and the ability to purchase the work right from the website. This show is one of the most fantastic to date. Please join us! The exhibit runs through the end of October.


The Art Center address is One Washington Street, Suite 1177 in Dover, NH. For more information, visit www.theartcenterdover.com


The online gallery at https://www.theartcenteronlinegallery.com/ or contact The Art Center directly at (603) 978-6702 or theartcenterdover@gmail.com. You can also follow The Art Center on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.