The History of Maine Railroads



The History of Maine Railroads


South Berwick, Maine- Old Berwick Historical Society will present an online lecture on Thursday, October 28 at 7:30pm about the history of railroads in Maine. One of the first states to build railroads and trolleys in the United States, Maine at one point had more than ninety communities with trolleys. From an international electric trolley to the attempted World War I dynamiting of a railroad bridge between the United States and Canada, historian Bill Kenny will talk about why the state is home to a rich rail heritage.


Participants can register for the online lecture through the Old Berwick Historical Society’s website. Admission is free to members, with a $5 suggested donation for non-members. The lecture is open to the public.


Bill Kenny is a retired United States Air Force officer, with a career of a logistics war planner and military intelligence officer. Kenny has twenty years of experience as an adjunct university professor of International Economics, Organizational Leadership, Project Management, and Foreign Affairs. He has written two books, A History of Maine Railroads, and his second book, co-authored with his wife, Kathy, Historic Taverns and Tea Rooms of Maine, which was released in May.


The Counting House Museum is open Saturdays form 1-4pm through the end of October and by appointment anytime. The Old Berwick Historical Society’s 2021 lectures are generously sponsored by Kennebunk Savings and supported by historical society members and donors. More information is available by calling 207-384-0000 or at