Self Analysis Scoring

Self Analysis Scoring

260 Master Networker

You should be writing a networking book! There is no doubt that your networking skills are remarkable. Your challenge now is to keep your skills sharp and continue to build the relationships you need to be successful.

234-259 Outstanding

Way to go! You’re in the 90th percentile. Clearly you know how to network. Your thirst for learning will have you develop the strategies to further improve the return on your investment of effort.

208-233 Very Good

You’re in the 80th percentile. You’re doing many things right, your effort is very effective and your relationships are strong. Each week you need to focus your plan and hone your skills to improve even more to attain the results that can be achieved.

182-207 Good

You’re in the 70th percentile. The great thing is you believe in networking. You clearly see the value in your efforts but know you need to work on your networking skills every week in order to develop the system you need to achieve the high returns you desire from networking.

156-181 Fair

You’re in the 60th percentile. On the bright side, you’re building good relationships around you. You have people who care and want to help your business grow. Each week you will need to work one small strategy at a time to change the habits that you have that could be hurting your networking efforts.

130-155 Weak

You’re in the 50th percentile. Networking is an acquired skill and you realize you have lots to learn. Each week you need to learn a new little tidbit to help you grow your relationships and work more closely with the people who can help you grow. The world is waiting to know more about you and your business.

0-129 Help!

You’re in the bottom percentile. Make sure you have a note pad and pen to take notes during the education moment each week.

Understanding your results.

Let’s talk about what the results of your self assessment means. First, your score is your own and not meant to be shared, compared or graded by anyone else. Whatever your score, remember you’re simply taking your networking temperature and not engaging in value judgments. Indeed if you take this self assessment again in 4 months the score will be different assuming you’ve been listening each week, then putting the new knowledge into practice through an ongoing commitment to improve your networking skills.


This survey is from Ivan Misner’s The 29% Solution.