Excuse me Sir, do you have something 

                     That will brighten our readers day?


        Are you satisfied with the amount of business you have? Is your business in front of enough people to have a continuous flow of customers? Is there ever a time these two questions don’t lurk in the back of your mind? These are the questions we face as small business owners every day, like Jean Daum, the founder of Coffee News®.

The Coffee News® is a directory of businesses providing products locally combined with jokes, quotes and horoscopes to draw attention to those businesses. Jean published the first edition of Coffee News® on October 22, 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She delivered it to restaurants to fill that 10 minutes when everyone is waiting for their meal. This prequalifies the audience by always being in front of people with some expendable income. Jean published a new paper weekly to reach the people who need your product now, invite people who are interested in your product to learn more and keep putting your business in front of people who don’t know you exist over and over, so they can figure out they need your products too.

Jean found joy in the success of others. Today people look for the Coffee News® every week to brighten their day. She helped make the best of everyday for everyone. Sadly, after years of battling cancer, Jean passed away in July of 2007.


Happily! Jean left us with the Coffee News®; a Media tool with a loyal weekly audience to help a small business. Would you like to be someplace your competition isn’t? All Coffee News® businesses are category exclusive. What product do you have that will brighten our readers day? Do you use a branding, image, seasonal, merchandise or directory message to share it? You could be the exclusive provider of that product in your local Coffee News®.




Will you need help with graphic work and content copy?  In order to keep costs low we use over 700 graphic templates and the AIDA copy formula. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire and action. Promoting your business may be simple, but it’s not easy. We utilize our Hidden Bean Contest, website and reader comments to understand how our readers see your business listing. Your message can be updated, seasonally changed or replaced over time, in order to help you achieve your goals.


Doesn’t it make sense to promote your business in a place where you will stand out in the community?…………………….. If so, we’d like to help. Call today!



Coffee News was founded in 1988 by Jean Daum a dance instructor teaching near Winnepeg, Manitoba.

Your Exclusive Business Category


Great Bay Coffee News® publishes Five Editions allowing a small business to be seen daily at a fraction of the cost of larger media sources. You have the options of being in one to all five of our New Hampshire Seacoast editions, depending upon exclusive business category availability.


The Five Editions to choose from

_____  Barrington-Lee   over 50 location with about 2250 weekly readers

_____  Dover (counts as 2 editions)   over 60 locations and over 6000 weekly readers

_____  Durham-Newmarket   over 40 locations with 1000 weekly readers

_____  Exeter-Hampton     over 25 locations with 1200 weekly readers

_____  Portsmouth   over 35 locations and 1500 weekly readers


We have Four Business Directory Listing Plans to choose from, with rates ranging from $270 for 13 weeks in a smaller edition to $3675 to be everywhere we go all year round. Everywhere is 210 places all over the seacoast delivered to weekly. All plans include a   Banner Placement and Directory Listing.


The Four Advertising Plans         

  • Hidden Bean Contest in 2-6 week, with ad content feedback.
  •   Banner ad and Directory Listing.                                                                       


Decaf 13 week (average weekly amount starting at $20.76) _____________________________

Cappuccino 26 week (ave. weekly amount starting at $18) _____________________________

Café Latte 52 week (ave. weekly amount starting at $15.23) ____________________________

Café Espresso 6 week (ave. weekly amount starting at $25.39) ___________________________

with month to month automatic renewal


Payment can be made by cash, check and credit card _________________________

Promote your business for less than a cup of coffee per day! Coffee News® is here to help you stand out in your community?…. Get started today!


Call us today at 603-923-3063!


Quotable Quote “ The seeds of tomorrows brilliance are planted in the soil of today’s activity” John Adams


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