The Art Center presents “Beyond the Surface”


At The Art Center of Dover

The Art Center presents "Beyond the Surface," an exhibition by printmaker and painter Brooke Lambert. Held in the esteemed Jim Reagan Gallery, Lambert's showcase introduces a captivating fusion of low-relief sculptural collagraph plates and sculptural paintings.

Brooke, known for her innovative approach, challenges conventional norms by spotlighting collagraph plates as finished art pieces, with an innate perception of her collagraph plates as sculptures. " Beyond the Surface" is curated to emphasize these plates alongside her sculptural paintings.

Her artistic narrative draws inspiration from the vast expanse of the ocean and its ever-changing beauty, embodying strength amidst chaos. Echoing a profound dedication to environmental preservation, Lambert's creations encapsulate the duality between intimacy and distance, the urgency to protect nature, and the unexplored realms waiting to be discovered.

Through her transformative process, Lambert breathes life into discarded materials, weaving a tale of hopefulness with elements like string, netting, and fabric, salvaged from the brink of polluting our oceans.

"Beyond the Surface" will be displayed in the Jim Reagan Gallery from January 8 through the end of February. Join us for an Artist Reception on Saturday, February 3, from 6-9 pm—at the Art Center at 1 Washington Street, Suite 1177, Dover, New Hampshire.