The Art Center Presents – Jazzscapes 


At the Art Center of Dover

The Art Center Presents - Jazzscapes 

by Abstract4


An eclectic collection of Abstract Paintings by four contemporary artists showcasing their interpretations of Jazz Music is on display at the Art Center through the end of December.


Abstract4 consists of Tom Glover, Peter Cady, Dustan Knight and Barbara Adams, all established Seacoast Artists, who spent a year collaborating on Jazzscapes.  Focusing on jazz music as a central theme, each challenged themself in their own unique and individual styles to create new ways of portraying and abstracting their appreciation of jazz.   Barbara Adams likes ragtime, Tom Glover enjoys the Bix Beiderbecke era, Peter Cady fell in love with Miles and Coltrane, and Dustan Knight favors Hank Mobley.

The Tommy Gallant Jazz Festival gave all of them a chance to listen together and generate ideas. Tom and Peter are both fans of the UNH Traditional Jazz series and local musicians, Barbara accompanies her musician husband to gigs, and Dustan recently saw Herbie Hancock perform.  


How does one paint jazz and one’s response to it? With color, with expression, with freedom. (De Kooning said all that artists have is their freedom.)  These paintings are a discussion between the painter, music, and the painting surface.  


Jazzscapes by Abstract4 on display now through December at the Art Center with a Artists' Reception on Saturday, December 10, from 6pm-9pm.  

The Art Center

1 Washington Street, Suite 1177

Dover, NH